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We're happy to help patients seeking help with hearing aids, tinnitus therapy, sound sensitivity, and more. Hear what patients have to say about our work!

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Patient Reviews for Dr. Natalie Phillips

“I am a very satisfied client after over two years with Advanced Otolaryngology. The staff is friendly, courteous, efficient, and helpful. They work customers into their appointment schedule with little notice. When purchasing my hearing aid, the billing office worked with me and the insurance company without any problems. They even let me pay in two installments over a flexible period of time. Dr. Phillips in particular worked with my needs to help me find the best quality hearing aid within a budget. She discussed options and the perks to each brand. I am pleased with my improved hearing due to her commitment to my ears and family.

Over the past two years, she's given me the time I need to adjust my hearing aid and maximize my hearing. She encourages follow ups as needed (free of charge). She is personable and exceeds my expectations of her with each visit. After my last hearing aid tune up I expressed concerns over the excessive noise my car muffler makes and any negative effects this might have on my five-year-old’s hearing. She calmed my nerves by listening to me and reciting facts about the decibels needed for hours daily to affect my daughter’s ears in a negative way. As I left her office very pleased with the service I received, I soon saw Dr. Phillips in the parking lot going the extra mile to hear my car as I drove around. She assured me once again that my daughter’s ears were not in any danger due to the exposure of my car’s noise.”

~ Sukey

“My wife and I were convinced by our family that it was time to do something about our hearing loss. Dr. Phillips gave us thorough hearing tests and professionally and sympathetically guided us through the process of fitting hearing aids individually adapted to our needs. We have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Phillips if hearing loss is a problem.”

~ Michael

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