Story Behind the Mucous



This gentleman was 72 years old when he decided to do something about his blocked nose. He had problems going back to when he was in Vietnam Nam. After we removed polyps from the left side and opened into the maxillary (cheek) sinus we encountered this very thick mucous. When there is chronic inflammation the water content decreases and the mucous almost becomes like rubber cement. Normally we can suction it out but not this stuff. Initially I could only remove pieces of it but the surgical tech helping me and I finally figured out that if I could bring it to the nostril’s edge she could grab it, then I could reach in to pull it out farther and she would regrab it.

With the technique perfected we started to extract it from the right. It was just like tug-of-war with the opponent on the other end begrudgingly yielding up the treasure hidden for 50 years. Maybe it was some undiscovered life form contracted in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Hand-over-hand a centimeter at a time we tediously teased it from its dark abode until finally it was delivered into the light.

I have been doing sinus surgery for 30 years and have never seen anything like it. I am convinced that it is the largest human mucous glob removed in the history of man. So convinced was I that I sent pictures and an affidavit signed by witnesses in the operating room to the Guiness World Book of Records. I figured that since they accepted accounts of the largest tonsils they would gladly receive our report. To my dismay we were rejected! They didn’t have a category: And they weren’t going to start one.

Faithful reader, help us show them they were wrong. Go onto our Advanced Otolaryngology Facebook site and “like” the Glob. Tell all your friends. It is just like Haley's comet. You’ll only see something like this once in a lifetime.

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