Reflections: 21 years ago ~ by Dr. Mark Loury


Mark Loury 21 years ago

The number twenty one holds some special meaning. It is the best blackjack hand. You can go into a restaurant and order alcohol and not be fearful when the waiter asks for your ID.

For us it was twenty one years ago, April 18, when we saw our first patient after establishing practice in Fort Collins. That opening day we saw four patients. I still have the appointment book from that first year as a reminder of God’s providing grace.

In 1982 we left Colorado to go to Baltimore, MD where I would train at Johns Hopkins Hospital and my wife would work for the government. Our first night away from our Denver home with house plants in the car we stayed at a Holiday Inn and ate at Pizza Hut in Hays, KA. We left Maryland twelve years later on a dark night in two cars with three kids and a rabbit (not sure about the plants). There weren’t cell phones then so we had an elaborate system using headlights to signal if we had to stop for the kids, gas, or other needs. For both of us leaving established positions and relationships to start a practice from nothing was a huge step of faith.

The weather on our way back home was very much like last week: blustery, cold, and rainy. On our way through Kansas there was a grass fire that even though far from the road threw off enough heat that we could feel it through the car windows. It was only fitting that our last night before coming home was spent in Hays at the same hotel. Yes, we did eat at Pizza Hut.

So here we are twenty one years later. We had to have at least one child born in Colorado so now there are four. As we reflect back we are so grateful first to God for sustaining two families: the one at home and the other in the office. A very close second is our gratitude to you, our patients, who have entrusted us with your care. We humbly recognize that we would not be here without you believing that we could help. I love that we have been able to see our pediatric patients move into adulthood and now be able to care for their children. Our hearts break when we find out that some have passed on and won’t be coming back.

We have seen over the years how concerned and protective our medical colleagues are of their patients. It is with sincere thanks to the medical and nursing professionals for letting us into their patient’s lives. It is such an honor to not only address our patient’s medical needs but to learn about their interests, occupations, and families.

You have blessed us more than you’ll ever know. The best way for us to show our gratitude is to continue to serve you with excellence.

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