Let the Brain Work!



Dr. Phillips recently sat with a patient and talked about turning a certain age where “readers” were now being recommended for her. With all the serial numbers and small items we have to see, it is getting harder for her to work without using a magnifying glass and bright light. Dr. Phillips was discussing how she is putting off having to do this as it seems hard to figure out what prescription to use and how it may be difficult to get used to using them.

No sooner did she stop talking than her own patient reminded her that the earlier you get into something and the more you use it, the faster the brain will adapt.

Dr. Phillips looked up from what she was working on and there sat her patient with a kind smirk on her face. They both started to laugh out loud, knowing full well that this is what Dr. Phillips recommends when it comes to hearing and using hearing aids! In this case of the patient teaching the provider, it is wonderful to know that our patients listen and remember what Dr. Phillips discusses with them.

Making the decision to start with hearing aids can be a daunting task. Where do you start? It is important to seek out a professional and understand your options. Narrowing your choices with an experienced professional can remove any anxieties of a task that seems overwhelming. Once you obtain hearing aids, the more you can use your hearing aids over your waking hours, the faster your brain will adapt and re-learn what it needs to hear.

Thank you to our patients for trusting us with your hearing health care needs. We love being able to sit and talk with you, catch-up with happenings and events in your lives, and continue to have these mutual relationships with you! #NoCoTrustedENTcare

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