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Bad haircut

I recently had a conversation with a friend who has been seeing her hairstylist for many years. She trusts her hairstylist enough to not have a plan about her hair when she goes into the salon. She sits down in her chair and allows her hairstylist to recommend options using her professional knowledge and opinions about my friend’s hairstyle, hair color, products, giving her confidence when she walks out of the salon that she looks absolutely fabulous! Although she has to travel into the middle of New York City which takes patience and a lot of time, she continues to see her because of her expertise. One day, a new salon opened up across the street from my friend’s house and out of convenience, she decided to try another hairstylist. Much to her horror, her hair was bleached completely white! She had no other choice but to go about her week until she could get in to see her first hairstylist to fix the damage. Many painful dollars later, my friend concluded that she will never do this again!

Trust can come easily with a good reputation and referral from others and sometimes it takes time to earn trust. Good and competent professionals are available! When you sit down for a haircut, you trust that the hairstylist will use their professional decisions to know what will look good on you. You may also look around and see if the environment of the salon is portrayed as professional, positive, clean, as well as what your hairstylist may choose to dress like or has his/her hair styled like. It only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. Professional image makes up your brand and assists the trust people may put in you by allowing them to experience what you feel is important.

Starting the process to find new physicians and providers may be a daunting task for many people. Something had to happen in order for you to seek out a medical consult. Do not be afraid - we are here for you and our providers are competent and caring to bring you the best hearing health care. Please do not be afraid to ask us questions or let us know if your experience in our office was excellent or if it let you down. We value your feedback and it assists in the trust process! #NoCoTrustedENTcare

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